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I am 14 and my penis is only 3inches hard. My birthday is next month and my penis is still very small. Should I expect growth? I also masturbate once or sometimes twice a day. Some people my age have much bigger penises. I am currently in puberty as I have a lot of pubic hairs on my privates. I have some facial and armpit hair. Will the growth just happen suddenly? Or will it never happen. Thanks much. 


Hi Harrison,

3-4" is average for a 13-14 year old.  You're in the range.

Your penis can grow into your early 20's.  When it will, we can't predict.  Average for an adult male is 5.1".

Don't compare yourself to others.  We all develop at different rates and times.

Hope it helps.



Hi Harrison

Your penis can grow until you are around twenty years of age.
How much your penis grows and how long it will take is hard to predict it will happen gradually when it does does grow.
If you are overweight that can make your penis appear to be smaller than it is.
It sounds like you are developing just as you should be and hopefully your penis will grow as you continue to develop.
Some guys will be much bigger and some about your size everyone grows at different rates and times and hopefully it happens for you in the near future.