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Wondering what stage of puberty I am at, looking for people of similar experiences and how they turned out etc, plus anything else helpful Me: Male, 174 ish cm tall, 15 years old (just turned 15), penis size 3 and a half inch hard, pubic hair, not much on my testicals but on the base of my penis. My voice isnt exceptionally deep but isnt high, I do a lot of sport im not unfit, im not muscular however. When masturbating I produce a small amount of cloudy/clear/white liquid. Only recently has this begun to occur. How far am I into puberty? I have many girls wanting to do "stuff" with me but I avoid such acts due to my size. How big will it get, how long am I going to be waiting?


Hi guest,

There is something called the "tanner scale" that you could look up.  It helps narrow down your stage of puberty.

From your description you still haven't likely hit your "growth spurt" yet.  You can expect to grow faster both in height and genital size.

How big you'll get, we can't predict.  Average for an adult male is 5.1" erect.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

There isn't really enough to know how far along you are - that's why I suggest you look it up.  You are ejaculating semen.  Average penis size for a 13-14 year old is about 3-4" erect.

Don't compare yourself to others.  We all develop at different rates/times.  As to girls wanting to do "stuff" - if they really care about you it won't matter.  You won't make any comments about them would you? 

Just be careful.  You CAN get a girl pregnant.

Good luck.



I have the same thing happed is going on with me but I do not care because how my mom said wait for the day you will have a boner and after that you can state Masbate yourself