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Hi. Im 14 years old and been 14 since June 2017 I'm scared if I'm ever gonna hit puberty because I still have no hair on my arms, legs, and underarms. I only have some pubic hair and my penis is 1 inch soft and 5.5 inches hard 4 inches around. Also I still have a high voice and about 5'3. So am I still gonna grow? Is my penis gonna get bigger? Will my voice deepen?


Hi Guest,

Your penis is already bigger than average for an adult male, 5.1" erect.  Yes, it can continue to grow into your early 20's or so.

Armpit hair often does not come in until 15/16 or so. 

Arm/leg hair also varies.

Your voice will change when it's ready.  We all develop at different rates/times.

You're normal sir.  Hope it helps.