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Im 14 years old and im in highschool, Im really confused if i have hit puberty yet. I think i have some signs, i have some pubic hair the hair on my arms and legs are getting darker and longer by a little bit. I think that my voice is a little deeper than it used to be like a year ago, but i still don't have armpit hair, facial hair, acne, i still have a baby face and im about 5'1. My penis is about 3 inches when erect and i actually think i ejaculate but my "semen" just looks like saliva, but my penis is very small when soft. Is it weird that I still have the body of a child and have i hit puberty yet?


Hi Mitchell

You have definitely started puberty your pubic hair growth and being able to ejaculate confirms that.

It sounds like you are maybe in the early stages of puberty.

The facial hair and armpit hair and acne along with growth will come as you continue to grow and develop.

Everyone grows and develops at different rates and times and since your 14 and have already started puberty you are developing just as you should be.

How long the process takes and what the end result will be is hard to predict but you are far from being done growing and all the changes you are hoping for will happen.

People come in all sizes and the same is true about the penis and 3 inches erect is pretty close to what is considered average for your age there can also be a huge difference in penis size among guys the same age just there can be a huge difference in the height.

Your concern over your soft size is understandable especially in the locker room some guys can be very large soft while others are an inch or even less soft which can understandably make you self-conscious.

There is nothing weird about you at the moment you are going through puberty you may be a bit behind some guys in your development just as you can be further along than some guys the same age.

You are developing normally your penis will get bigger you will get taller and your body will change as well there is no way to predict what the end result will be.