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I do understand that it may take me a while to grow a large penis but I have a friend who is 14 and is penis is literally like 6-7 inches (I have seen it because he did a lot of really weird stuff at his house also neither of us are gay)


Im a little bit chubby but not overweight last time I checked I weighed about 65kg.


my penis size is about 1 inch when flaccid and is around 3 inches when erect. 


And i I have a sh*t ton of pubic hair, leg hair and some armpit hair and arm hair too.


I would appreciate an answer very much :)


Hi Guest
There can be a significant size difference between guys the same age but for 13 your penis size is about average and your a long way from being done growing.
Some guys just have bigger penis than others as you already have seen but your not done growing and your penis will grow as you continue to grow and develop. How long it takes and what the end result will be is hard to predict as everyone grows and develops at different rates and times. It sounds like you are developing just as you should be and are well into puberty so for 13 there is nothing to worry about.
Having a little bit smaller penis can be embarrassing at times but you won't stay the size you are now you just need a bit more time to grow and develop.
So compared to your one friend you are smaller but no doubt you are pretty close to the size of some other guys your own age. Penises come in all sizes but try to be patient yours will grow some yet and it no doubt works just fine the size it is now.


Thank you very much
That makes me feel a lot better :)


There is no concrete answer for the length of a penis, regardless of age. A table can show approximate length. However, there are often large individual differences. A boy of 7 years can have longer than a boy who is 12 years old. And a boy of 13 can have a shorter, but thicker penis than a boy of 17 years. Some are developed early and some are late in puberty. When I was 11 years old, my penis was very thin and only 6 cm long. But when I was 13 years old and 2 weeks old, I got my first release with sperm. The penis was slightly thicker and 8.5 cm soft and 13 cm erect. And at the age of 14, the penis was 10 cm soft and 15.5 cm erect. But I was only 148 cm tall and 36-37 kg. I grew 169 cm and 58 kg in the end.
I saw other boys, who were about 170-175 cm and 55-65 kg, they had smaller balls and smaller penis. I heard that one of the biggest boys had only 9 cm erect and 5.5 cm soft. (He got bigger penis eventually)
My point is that these differences we must live with, and do not make any problems before the age of 16-17. If the penis is well below the average then, hormone treatment should be considered.