Since my daughter was 1 ½ she had problems with fluid trapped in her ears. Turns out the tonsils and adenoids were the problem. They were constantly infected but she was asymptomatic. On the advice of an ENT we waited. Then at 3 yrs of age came the sleep apnea and her weight loss not to mention her speech became an issue. We got a 2nd opinion and we had them removed 3 1/2. We did fine for a year and a half. Now she is 5 and now when she gets sick she gets an infection in her vagina. It's thick yellowish green. I took her to the Dr. thinking it was yeast but it was not. The first time she had it she was given a swab and then treated with antibiotics only to have it returned 1 week after she finished her meds. So she was given a different type of antbiotic and it seemed to work. Now after a month has past it’s back. They mentioned she could be a carrier of strep and that they would test her.
Can you please address this:
My BIG worry is complications. Can this affect her fertility when she gets older. (My Dr. says no but I still am worried about it.) Also I hate to keep putting her on antibiotics. Between the this and her ears she has seen more that her fair share of meds. Is there a way we could treat it with out antibiotics?
Thank you for your time,