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My 21yr old daughter has been sick for weeks starting with sinus infection then 1ear infection that wa resistant to antibiotic so it worsened and traveled to other ear. Dr said drums were about to rupture. Meds have helped but NOW her eyes and cheek have swollen up. Any suggestions? Also has had a fever early on with this.


Hi Lisa, my daughter ( a lot younger than yours 2.5 ) had a major ear infection in December that sounded the same.  The doctors in the ER (her fever was 105) said she had to be on VERY strong antibiotics that would get right to the root of the problem and not just the base of the problem.  She ended up on even stronger antibiotics after a check up when the 1st round was done and it was still not gone.  Bottom line is it can take a couple rounds of antibiotics before it starts to clear up and my daughter also ended up with strep throat at this time with no symptoms.  Remember they need to be VERY STRONG or they won't get to the root of the ear infection as it has a far way to travel.

Hope this helps you and your daughter