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If our government won't protect the safety interests of the public than shouldn't we suspect that we are intentionally made ill, so that we can be treated ?


It might start.  For years our society has been if you don't feel good take a pill to fix it.

The real problem, if you want to start a discussion, is that doctors should NOT be allowed to prescribe OTHER than emergency medications.

People abuse the system.  They find doctors that listen to minor complaints and are prescribed a med.  Many of our elderly are OVER prescribed meds, sending some into nursing homes early and others to an early grave.  Our kids are drugged from an early age, often at the recommendation of teachers (ADHD).

Doctors also are not trained in all drugs.  A pharmacist specializes in drugs.  Ideally, the doctor would advise the pharmacist that a patient requires a medication and then the pharmacist would determine the specific medication and dosage. All your prescription records would be kept in a database and the pharmacist would be REQUIRED to cross reference each medication to look for drug interactions.

I've said it many times, our health care system IS broken.  Doctors and insurance companies are the problem.