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4 days ago (Sunday early morning ~2am) I had unprotected sex with a girl I know, and I didn't get a chance to shower until ~10pm Sunday. When I was in the shower, I noticed some redness on the inside of my foreskin when I peeled it back (I am uncircumcised). I thought it was due to irritation (I have gotten similar redness from a lot of dry sex through clothes). Monday the irritation was still there, but it wasn't bothering me too bad. It wasn't until Tuesday when I was showering that I noticed some peeling of the head of my penis, just a very light thin layer of white (maybe skin?). Also (this is the part that bothers me) I have a few small red pimples on my penis (outside, NOT the head), mostly they are just plain red ones, but one did have a VERY small amount of white pus in it. So today (Wednesday) I saw my college's clinic. Doctor took a quick look, pulled back the skin and due to the redness and peeling he said it seems to be a yeast infection since no STD really looks like that. He gave me Miconazole (miconazolenitrate 2%), said keep good hygiene, apply twice daily. Should clear up within 2-4 days. Apply for a few days after just in case. By the way, should I be applying it to the little pimple on the outside of my penis?

Bottom line this is what worries me. From what I've read online, peeling of the skin and redness are common with a yeast infection. But, those little red dots bother me. Only some people report having them with yeast infection. Could I just get some feedback, please?

hope this helps:
- 19 yo, first time with unprotected sex
- symptoms occurred morning after intercourse most likely, but weren't noticed until shower (~20 hrs later)
- uncircumcised
- redness under foreskin, peeling of penis head
- little red dots on outside of penis (NOT on head)
- itching only occurs with contact, (i.e. when i wash it, not really when im walking or sitting)
- this isn't my own picture but i would say to begin with my penis looked like this

Sorry for the long post! I am just very nervous, hopefully it will resolve with the cream but I would like a second opinion please! Thank you!

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Had to delete your photo, graphics are not allowed on this site.

Okay, i don't think you have herpes.
The pimples you see are just that, pimples.
The meds the doc gave you should and will take care of your problem.
In the meantime....always use a condom, none on hand, no sex, period.


Thanks for the reply. Didn't know forum rules about the picture. Hope your right about the pimples, and it's a yeast infection.


I agree about the yeast infection; and actually, yeast can cause a red, pimple-like rash on the penis skin. Using an over-the-counter antifungal should clear things up, as long as you use it for the full recommended time period. Keep in mind that yeast can be transmitted back and forth between partners, so you should always use protection during sex. Using a penis  vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may also boost your body’s ability to fight off infection, as well as soothing irritated skin and helping to keep it clear and smooth.


Hope things get better for you!