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Hi Everyone,

Found this blog site and I am truly surprised that no has recommended
seeing a herbalist. Dump your Doctors and seek out Herbalists and some
may also be Chiropractors. Doctors only guess at what it may be then
give a drug that may help you but the drugs can damage your liver.
I would also recommend taking pomegrante juice or finding someone
who sells Mona Vie juice - they are both high in antioxidants. Anitoxidants have been proven to reduce inflammation and detoxify the


Hello treeoflife,

I wholely agree.  Antioxidants are need in the body.  Although we make our own antioxidants like glutathione, super oxide dismutase and catalase, these may not be sufficient in times of stress.  A number of powerful antioxidants can be gotten from fruits and veggies so you want to have a diet rich in these items.  Many fruits contain antioxidants that are more powerful than antioxidants that our bodies make.  Take the red grape for example. Tthe skin of the red grape contains resveratrol which is a polyphenol that is much more powerful than vitamin C.  Zeazanthin which is another powerful antioxidant found in many herbs and plants is important for eye health.  The list goes on and on. So, you need antioxidants and beyond what your body makes, you need to get from your diet.