this is day 7 of a migraine caused by my severe TMJ- followed by an orthodontic visit on day 6 of the migraine which included a good tightening and rubberbands/elastics as a new addition.

ive tried advil, tylonal, excederin tension/migraine, lavender baths, stretching, rythmic breathing...and nothing has worked.

the only thing that makes a difference is aleve BUT its hardly even a difference... just enough to rid me of the 'needle in my eye' sensation.

i find after 4-5 hours the massive pain starts to return... SO! is it horrible to take 1 aleve every 4-5 hours?

i dont have health ins YET - but it was suggested i visit the ONE dentist that specializes in TMJ and facial pain.

i cant afford it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE any other suggestions, holistic included would be greatly appreciated.
thanks - heather