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For the passed thirteen days I have had diarrhea. I have noticed both blood and white globs in my stool along with mild cramping in my lower stomach. I have also had foul smelling and excessive flatulence. I went to the doctor last week and he took a blood test for me and prescribed flagyl for me thinking it might be a bacterial or parasitic infection; however, I failed to tell him about the white stool because it occured after I saw him. He also wanted a stool sample but my insurance hasn't kicked in so I asked if we can see if the Flagyl works and then do the stool sample. My blood cell count came out normal but the nurse told me to continue to take the Flagyl. So I started taking the flagyl about 36 hours ago and have not noticed any change in my diarrhea. Is the nurse wrong about this? Shouldn't there be an abnormal blood count if I had a bacterial or parasitic infection? And how long does Flagyl take before you can notice improvement of symptoms? Are there any other conditions associated with these symptoms? Thank you for your opinion


do you have a follow up aapointment to see your doctor? If so I would tell him then about the rest of the symptoms you've been having.You may not notice a change just yet especially if it has not even been 2 days.If you do not notice a starting change within a week I would call the doctor and tell him.It may take a while for the meds to work.Oh,I might also add that diahhrea is also a side effect of Flagyl,so watch for you other symtoms to be gine like the white in your stool.