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I'm a 20 year old male having an interesting problem:

For almost a week now I've been having diarrhea in small bouts almost everytime I use the restroom. It's nothing too painful (I feel cramping maybe for a minute before I relieve myself) so I haven't been worried, but the frequency of it has gotten very irritating. I've tried treating it (though only when need be) with anti-diarrheal medicines (typically Ammodium AD) but all it does is hold off the symptoms until after the medicine has worn off. This has also been accompanied by an unusually large amount of gas. Last but not least I've been feeling pretty tired lately (only slightly more then usual) but I think that could be unrelated to this problem. Like I said, I'm not in alot of pain so I haven't really bothered to do much about this, but I'm becoming pretty impatient for all of this to subside. Any ideas as to what's going on?


You need to get tested to realise what's going on. A doc may order a stool sample to be tested or have a blood test done. Tirednes could be related to some of these symptoms sometimes, if it is some kind of virus or something similar.

To figure it out, you better see a doctor.

You may have some GI problems, considering you have both diarrhea and gas.