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Hey there.

Currently, I am experimenting with food for my oldest dog.

In the last five days he is refusing food that he was eating before. I prepared him boiled chicken and rice.


First day, he was OK, but the next day, he started to have diarrhea.

Now he is having diarrhea for four days constantly. There is no blood, I am observing his stool every time.


Can it be because of this food or not?


I am going to take him to the vet, but I want to know can you tell me what are the causes of diarrhea in older dogs?


I don’t think that boiled chicken and rice could’ve caused diarrhea. Whenever my dogs spoil their stomachs I give them rice and it always helps them. And boiled chicken is also recommended since it’s not heavy and it doesn’t contain a lot of fat.

I’d say it has nothing to do with food, but then again, if you started experimenting and giving your dog the food he wasn’t used to eat before, that must be the reason.

My dogs sometimes have diarrhea when I give them those supplements that older dogs need to take (such as supplements for arthritis and other aging dog problems), but they usually get used to those supplements quickly and then their stool is back to normal.



Hey there.

I have to agree with Mia. Boiled chicken and rice can help you fight against diarrhea. So definitely you need to find some other cause and other reason for diarrhea.

It is not the cause.


Diarrhea in senior dogs is a very complex issue and it may require special treatments.

A lot of dogs are using special meds and supplement for quality and long life. Well, some of them can cause diarrhea in older dogs, usually indirectly.

Antibiotics for dental cleaning can cause diarrhea. They are used to kill bacteria’s and they can be one of the reasons.


Do you use them?  



It can occur for several reasons.
There are a lot of causes as well.
Here are some of them:

• Your dog is eating garbage and nonfood material,
• Systematic illness,
• Addison’s disease,
• He is less active than usually,
• Liver disease,
• Pancreatitis disease,
• Infection,
• Bacterial infection,
• Fungal,
• Drugs,
• Toxins,
• Foreign bodies,
• Fleas etc.

No one can tell you exactly what is the main cause of diarrhea in your dog, but I have to agree that this food definitely is not the cause.
You should find the main cause.
How about the diagnosis?
Well, blood test can be used to check levels of coblamatin and vitamins as these are normally absorbed.


I have this problem with my dog. He is not an older dog, at least I don’t like to think of him as old. He is now 7 years old, actually he is about to turn 8 but since he is a small breed dog he has a year more to be called a senior.
He has diarrhea very often. I don’t know what is the cause, but I’ve noticed that I can prevent it by giving him certain foods. I like to cook for him. He is practically 70% of my life, so that makes it easy for me to focus on his diet. I cook rice for him often, and whenever I do that, he gets better.


I think the main cause is that their digestive system is not as good as it was when they were younger.

You see when dogs are young, they can digest food that older dogs can’t. 

What can really affect the digestion is the food that you are giving to your dog.

When you have an older dog, you need to adjust the diet to his needs. Older dogs

need less proteins and less fat.

When you go to the pet shop ask the seller to tell you what is the appropriate food for your dog’s  age and breed. That will help.