I am 15 and I haven't started my first period yet. I started having discharge around age 11-12, but I am still having discharge now. Not kidding, I have a lot of discharge. Like an unnatural amount. And I get it every day. Some of it is more liquidy, but some is more like cottage cheese (from a yeast infection??) I think it might be a yeast infection but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to last that long. Tbh I don't even know what is happening. Sometimes I end up looking up crazy things like if the yeast infection is caused by me having diabetes (which I don't know if I have). I haven't quite hit puberty yet since I'm still pretty short, 5'3", and I have small boobs still, size 32B. I have a *really* high voice and I have what I call "perpetual voice cracks". My voice cracks so much that any sound I make is a voice crack. Although lately, I've been having less perpetual voice cracks, and more normal voice cracks. My voice is also *very* nasally. I hate it so much. Sometimes its a little raspy. I have pubic hair and all other body hairs (I'm naturally really hairy), but I also don't have much armpit hairs yet, which is surprising. Am I infertile? When should I start worrying that I haven't had my first period? Will I even grow any more?