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I'm 15 and haven't hit puberty. All of my friends make fun of me for it and it makes me fairly depressed. I don't really understand it tho bc I have a little bit of armpit hair and quite a bit of pubes but that's about it. My voice still sounds kinda high and I'm like 5'4. What sucks the most about it is that I've been told that I'm fairly good looking but no girls want to go out with me because I look and sound about 12. I was wondering if anyone could tell me when my voice will change i have occasional voice cracks but that's every once in a while. And idk ig i just wanna look older (not 12) and for everyone to stop making fun of me in front of girls ig. Thanks in advance for any answers about puberty 


Hi guest,

You likely ARE in puberty.  You have both pubic and armpit hair which are common indicators. 

Can you ejaculate?  I'm assuming you can and that would confirm you being in puberty.

Your voice is beginning to change.  The cracking is an indicator of that.

Give things time.  We don't all develop at the same rates/time.  You'll likely have a growth spurt shortly and start to look older.

Hang in there.  Hope it helps.