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I'm 15 and had sex yesterday. After a couple minutes my partner noticed that the condom had broke. He hadn't finished in me, though. He did have a tad bit of pre cum coming out but only about a drop seeing as he rarely has much of pre cum or cum. He smokes pot, a lot, and i read that reduces sperm cell count and inhibits the sperms ability to impregnate a woman's egg. I'm also on small hormone/birth control pills due to an irregular period. I don't have a whole lot of money, certaintly not 50$ for Plan B. What are the chances of gettng pregnant? 


Hi dddee,

If you're on daily birth control pills and are taking them as directed your chances of getting pregnant are very low.

Whether he smokes pot a lot or never, it only takes one sperm.  There are many babies born to parents that smoke pot.