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i have a few questions to ask. On friday (18th may) i had sex for the 1st time. We didnt use a condom, and he didnt cum. The most that happened was pre cum. Every 1/2 minutes we would pull out and just do other things. Then about ten minutes later start again. I took the morning after pill 14 hours after sex. My periods are irregular recently so im not too sure when i am going to come on. Please help me!
Can i ask.. the nurse told me that pre cum isnt always sperm, is that true?
Does every pregnant woman have morning sickness? When does that start to happen?
Ooh im so depressed i really don't want to be pregnant. Sex was just a spur of the moment thing!!


Pre-cum can contain sperm but not as much.

The chances of you being pregnant are probably VERY small being he didn't ejaculate and you did take plan B.

Plan B can also screw up your cycle for the month, it's normal to have spotting.

If you don't intend on getting pregnant you must use condoms or another form of birth control. The pull out method is not good. %76 of couples who use the pull out method WILL get pregnant within a year. I know 2 friends of mine who got pregnant by just using the pull out method.