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Help! I'm 18 and my Boyfriend and I lost our virginity to each other about 2 and a half weeks ago. We used protection and the condom didn't tear or anything. I was supposed to start my period on the 18th and It is now the 23rd and I still haven't started. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. Why haven't I gotten my period? Could I be pregnant? Please help!! I'm so so so worried!


NO you're aren't! I can say that with 97 - 99% positivity, Even though I haven't really seen this talked about, I have been asked the same

question probably at least 100 times, since I started on Steady Health! To me - NOT a doctor - It's as though once your body looses her virginity, it's like the body is in a bit of shock! Kind of like "WHOAAAAA!!! BUDDDY when did that happen!!! LOL" SO many young women have reported the same thing after loosing their virginity - either a late period or no period at all (only for a month)! Also even though you both did the correct thing - use protection - you will STILL be worried - in the back of your mind - that their MIGHT be a possibility of pregnancy! So you get SO uptight that all of a sudden your body/brain is like "since you're freaking out so much, am I missing something here? Let's STOP the presses and have a meeting to see if we ARE pregnant!" then as soon as EVERYONE gets the memo that you are NOT pregnant, they start everything back up! Sorry I ALWAYS use office terminology!! LOL So just relax, take care of yourself, destress, and your period WILL come on IF not this month - it might happen early next month! You can be as regular as clockwork and once in awhile it's a weird one! So don't fret OK? Also may I suggest that IF you were to do it again, have your partner pull our before ejaculating and ejaculate into the condom then remove said condom away from the vaginal opening! You take that 97 - 99% up to virtually 100% conception coverage! Hope this helps! Good luck and health!