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Hello, I have an appointment with my ob-gyn scheduled in a week, but I’m afraid I might hear I have ovarian cancer even though I’m only 25. I wouldn’t even think that was an option until ultrasound I had after I ended up in ER because of severe abdominal pain and bloating. I’ve been experiencing on and off lower abdominal pain for years and my periods have never been exactly regular, but I thought that starting and stopping birth control pills was to blame. I’ve had colposcopy and biopsy done, and I can barely function at all how scared I am it’s going to be the worst. They already said it wasn’t polycystic ovaries or cyst and what’s worse is that I’m still bloated and have to go to the bathroom as if I had an UTI. Is there a chance that something else is causing this besides ovarian cancer?


Hello, Guest... I am sorry to hear about your worries of ovarian cancer.  One common symptom of ovarian cancer is constipation.  Have you had this problem?  Other symptoms are fatigue, abdominal swelling, leg swelling, and shortness of breath. Have you had any imaging tests done to see if you have any tumors, etc?  It seems that if they did a colposcopy and biopsy, then they would have done a CT scan or something?  If you don't have any of the other symptoms mentioned, you may be having some other issue.  It sounds like it could be more gastric then gynecology.  Perhaps you should see a gastroenterologist and see if that type of doctor would be more what you need.