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I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer two years ago, and had the surgery to remove both of my ovaries and fallopian tubes, followed by 7 rounds of chemo. I also had a hysterectomy three months later, it seemed to be the safest way to go. Every checkup after that I was worried the results will show it appeared again, so far thank god, I’ve been lucky and the results were always OK.

What worries me is that my next checkup scheduled in 3 weeks and for the last month I’ve had symptoms that had me pretty scared the cancer has returned. I don’t want to worry my family before I see my oncologist, but I’ve been constipated pretty much this whole time, with occasional bloating and pressure pain in my abdomen. My stomach looks bigger, like I’ve gained weight. Does this sound like ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms?


Truthfully, the symptoms sound like there is reason to be suspicious.  Have you contacted your oncologist about it?  I would not wait for a checkup if I were you.  Call the oncologist as soon as possible to find out if there is indeed cause for concern.  No doubt I would imagine they would want to see you much sooner than in three weeks.  I wouldn't mention anything to family until you knew for sure, unless you need to talk to someone about it.  Your support comes first and foremost.  Is there anyone else out there with a similar experience?  Maybe you can shed some light on this situation as well?  Good luck to you.  Let us know how things go at the oncologist.