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Dear Sir/Madam,could groin pain be a sympton of ovarian cancer.I have some other symptons such as a sudden stich like pain in my right side at times,back pain regulary,digestion,constipation,lately feelings of nausea,and a feeling of being full before i have finished my meals.The
groin pain has only been present for the last 3 months in my left side.29 years ago i had a cyst removed from one of my ovaries,but can not remember which side this was.My GP has diagnosed arthritis in my hips after an xray was done,and feels this is the only reason for my groin pain.
When i was 10 years old i had a hernia operated on my right side.Would it be possible to ask some advice about your view concerning all these symptons.Yours


Hi Bess. Here are some symptoms of Ovarian cancer. I hope this helps!

Pressure or bloating in your abdomen
Constant and progressive changes in bowel or bladder patterns
Persistent digestive problems
Ongoing excessive fatigue
Abnormal bleeding
Pain during inercourse

Ovarian cancer symptoms are often subtle and easily confused with symptoms for other disorders. If you are at all concerned that you may have Ovarian Cancer, please consult your doctor immediately! Good luck.