I have been in a relationship with a widower for 10 weeks and see each other about four times a week. I am also widowed.  He has asked his daughter whether she would like to meet me and I thoroughly understand when she said that I am not ready to see you with another woman, and said I just couldn't cope. But what I do not understand is that he is allowing her to control the part of a relationship which is going away for a few days  together. He wants to do this but  when he mentioned to his daughter she said not to go and she said please don't dad, not yet. We both want to go on a one week cruise but he has decided not to as the daughter has asked him not to as she can't cope.  He said to me he doesn't want to lose his daughter. she was very close to her mother who passed away suddenly over 2 years ago and I am the first woman her father had been out with and now wants to move on.  He does not advertise the fact that we sleep together which I understand and agree with but I feel she has no right to control her father if he feels he would like a few days away with me.  His daughter relies on him extremely and he has told me that he and his late wife were always there for her in every way and that they have created this dependency.  The daughter asked him as usual to put a composition together for the seven year olds speech at school and when he dictated it over the phone to her was upset and wasn't happy. He was stressed after the phone  called and said that she is upset because she wants me over there as her mother and myself have always been there for her when ever she needs. He sees her his daughter about twice a week and spend time with the grandchildren as well and is a very  loving father which I love about him. I don't know what to expect down the track and I'm hoping all works out as this man and I together the relationship is growing beautifully. He is a wonderful Man and is a thorough gentleman and treats me so well.  Should I say nothing and just hope that this will change that we can go away together obviously when his daughter lets him?  He was married to his late wife for 40 years as they were childhood sweethearts