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Hi All,

I am 30 years old and from India. I didn't have sex yet but should get married soon. My penis is around 1 inch when flaccid and around 3.5 to 4 inch when erect. My penis foreskin does not retract much and is bonded at the edge where penis starts to curve down. Also most of the penises I have seen in google have a slight ring like bulge before starting to curve down. My penis curves down smoothly like a pencil.

I am working in USA right now and have gone to strip clubs multiple times. When the dancers dance on my lap I cum quickly for the first time. After sometime, for the second cum, I take some more time. Is this behavior normal?

I have below questions:

1. Am I suitable for sex with 3.5 inch erect penis? (girth is around 3.5 to 4 inch).

2. My foreskin does not retract much and is bonded to my penis. Can I have normal sex in this state?

3. When I masturbate, I cum quickly (in 1-2 minutes). Can I have normal sex? Do I suffer from premature ejaculation?

4. Is it better to look for a skinny girl as a life partner as she might be ok with my small penis? or whether she is skinny or fat doesn't matter for small penis? Does girls have any characteristics which suggests whether they can accommodate only small penis and big penis will not go much deep due to some obstruction.

5. Which doctor (specialist) I should consult in USA for getting more clarifications on my queries? Is it a Urologist? Can any one suggest a good doctor in Denver, USA?

6. Are there any places where I can have sex in USA for money (preferably around Denver) so that I can check if I'm suitable for penetration?

Thanks in advance. I have some more questions which I will ask based on the replies I will get here.


Take sertaline . go to a urlogist