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I have ADHD and Tourettes and have taken so many different kinds of prescription drugs. The problem is they usually make my tics worse. The best one of them all was Concerta (18 mg) especially for motivation which is a problem with ADHD sufferers. I was told about Adderall but not sure. I don't like the tics getting worse but I don't want to feel that "neverending doom" either. Can anyone who has both illnesses give me some advice that might of helped them in the past.........this is really driving me crazy.

Thanks-a-bunch! :'(


Not Adderall. LOL. I have Tourette's and have not been diagnosed with ADHD but it runs in my family. When I am having a lot of trouble studying for school or focusing I will take one of my sister's Adderall and it helps me focus but my tics are more than twice as frequent! I will be writing a paper and cough, cough cough! I cant stop. but the Adderall does make the tics less distracting.