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I'm a commercial vocalist and was very nervous going into the surgeries; especially after reading about what people on this forum went thru (pain-wise). I am now 14 days out and happy to report my personal experience was far easier than what I expected. My ears actually hurt worse than my throat during the entire recovery, which is common.

The day of surgery I left the hospital feeling pretty good! I had minor discomfort (think strep throat) but no major pain until late on day 2. Days 3-6 were pretty horrible. I had to mentally talk myself into drinking water because every sip was incredibly painful. Still, the pain was definitely bearable with the consistent pain meds (liquid codine in my case) and a constant flow of cool fluids. That's the tricky HAVE to drink to stay hydrated and to heal properly, yet drinking is difficult. Also, load up on popcicles and sherbert but NO milky products like ice cream for the first week.

Starting on day 2, I forced myself to eat at least 4 tablespoonfuls of food three times a day. The easiest stuff was: mashed potatoes with gravy, chicken noodle soup, and noodles with a little unsalted butter. As I improved I added steamed veggies, bread, and rice.

Days 7-14 brought slow but steady improvement. I do have remnants of scabs because my tonsils were so infected that they had to cut into the muscle tissue, leaving larger holes. The doctor says my scabs will come off in their own time and to gargle with wam salt water a few times a day to help them along. I'm still avoiding foods that have rough edges or are spicy, but overall have been eating normally since day 10. My energy level isn't completely back yet; but on day 12 I started doing light gym workouts.

YES, this was a painful and scary experience. Yes, there was swelling of the uvula, lots of yucky flem, nasty white scabs, etc. Yes, everything hurt....ears, throat, neck, head. But in my case it was necessary and I don't regret the decision despite the rough couple of weeks I've had! Stay positive and tell yourself the end results will be worth the suffering.

My advice:

1. DRINK, drink, drink!!! It hurts but is THE most important thing you can do in the recovery process. And try to eat a little something on a regular basis.

2. Take your pain meds on a regular schedule (mine was every 4 hours). If you fall behind, it's difficult to get rid of the pain. Trust's far better to wake yourself every 4 hours to drink something and take the meds than to sleep soundly! 8)

3. Exercise daily, even if it's just walking around the house a bit. Most of the pain meds will cause constipation so movement is essential. I personally got tired of laying around in bed all day!

4. Use ice packs on your neck and ear areas. packs were my constant companions during days 3-10 and they really did help immensely.

5. Have patience. This is a major procedure (especially as an adult) and my doctor told me it will take a good month before I'm feeling 100% again. After two weeks, I have to say she's correct but I seem to be on the right track.

Best of luck to all of you and feel free to ask questions if you have any! :D


Hi 34 year old with tonsils and adenoids removed...I am wondering if you had adenoids? I am 33 and the docs say I shouldn't have them but I guess somethings there? Did you have enlarged adenoids? If so what did they speculate as far as why you had them? Thanks


im a child.... i have enlarged tonsils and adenoids. i must get them out in order to breath through my nose. i have very bad snoring and my throat tends to hurt often. im terrrified at the thought of sergury. expessialy after i heard of the pain afterwards. please give me some pointers to stay out of pain


I had my tonsils removed 2 weeks ago. I must admit it was scary as doctors prepared me for the worst case scenario pain wise. After surgery up to the day I left I was in good shape. I only started to feel pain from day 3 mostlty in the morning. Pain on scale from 1-10 ,I would say 4 .Days 5-6 was my worste as I struggled to eat due to swelling but nothing I couldnt handle. If I can advise anyone eat from the word go!!! Chew gum /jellytots, You also need to stock up on ice cream . Dont worry to much the experience differ from person to person.