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I have been suffering from this for almost 5 years now.
At times it will not hurt and seem like it completely healed on its own.

Sometimes I will be pain and problem free for 6 months or more, but other times like now, I have been suffering for 6 months straight.

When I have a bowel movement I bleed so much, sometimes a few drops in the toilet, and sometimes the water turns all dark red.

Immediately after I finish bowel movement it will never bleed not one drop after.
But it will hurt for 12-24 hours and return as soon as I have bowel movement again.

I always thought it was the hemorrhoids that were causing all this pain, but my hemorrhoids are small and seam I have no pain on the external part of my anus.

Today the doctor that examined me told me that it was an A n a l - Fissure, a cut or tear inside my a n a l - canal.
He recommended Botox injections into my anus and told me they had an 80% success rate. It'll cost me $1200 and that also hurts.
I will pay all the money in the world not to feel this pain ever again and get my life back, but I don't think that botox will cure this.
I don't really want to do that until I learn more about it, and he has been rushing me, but I want to research first before I decide.

That seams pretty consistent with the definition and pain and my situation.

1. How do I treat this a n a l - fissure or make it heal ?

2. What surgery/s can help me heal or repair my a n a l - fissure ?

3. Has anyone ever over come this ?

I am in so much pain, and it seams so constant and consistent, sometimes I can't sleep, sit, or even stand,
I had to give up biking, sports, and exercise, and this totally controls my life.

I will start to put Aloe vera straight from the plant into my anus, hopefully that will help it heal and not cause any more pain.

Please let me know your experiences and testimonials, and opinions, I will check every 30 minutes, thanks for the help

Leo from Miami


I've had surgery in May and after a couple of weeks I ended up getting a fissure as well. My doctor told me to use a cream called Rectogesic (Google it) for the fissure 3 times a day for 6 weeks this should help fix the fissure as long as it's not too big. Another cream to use is just pawpaw ointment sounds strange but it really does work on the healing process on all types of sores. Now you will have to keep this area as clean as possible ie: shower & wash your backside after every BM it needs to stay clean for a better heal, And of course NO PUSHING!!! and eat a good fibre rich diet!! and plenty of water.


Yeah for months I started eating alot of fiber, drinking Metamucil, and fiber chewables.
But that is not enough. Although it will help, once in a while I still get hard stool and opens up the wound again.;

I realized it is not about adding fiber to my daily routing, but that I have to commit to eating right 100% of the time.

I need to make 100% effort to the diet, and not just ad fiber intake to my food.
I'm going to start eating fruit and vegetables every day.
I'm going to start eating yogurt too, I drink alot of water as it is, but I will double that to a gallon a day.

I started putting Aloe Vera straight from the plant in my anus yesterday, I apply it every hour or so, hopefully this helps.

I need to know what other pills, vitamins, and medicines I can take to help this wound heal.

Thanks Craig for the reply



Don't over do on the water, 2lts is the max you need to drink for a day other wise you can do more harm than good if you go over this limit. Maybe you need to take some stool softeners as well go to a health shop and look for some fiber cleanse this stuff has other things in it that will assist.


I found a thread in this forum that was very helpful.
The title of it is fissure surgery aftercare
The link here below

I am going to try a strict high fiber, lots of water, diet, and apply aloe vera to anus 7 times a day.
If in a month it does not improve, I will go for the LIS surgery.

I have heard nothing but great experiences and testimonials from people who have had this surgery.
Only thing, I am not sure of the price, and I don't have insurance.

1. How much does the LIS surgery go for in the US, Miami Florida.

I have learned that anyone with an Fissure that won't heal, (a chronic any fissure) that the Lateral internal sphincterotomy is the best option.

Learning about the Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy surgery/operation, has brought a huge smile to my face...


My fissure willnot heal. I rarely get immense pain but I feel the fissure is there. I do take Miralax every morning and night though. I never had to do this until this fissure arose. I fear if I wasn't taking the Miralax twice a day I would be in immense pain as I was before I started using it. I don't get why it won't heal. I rarely get pain and the stools are always soft. It's been three months. I dont get it.


I know your pain!!

 I had been suffering from fissures for sometime now. Everytime I had a bowl movement I would be unable to sit and in severe pain for hours. I was afraid it would ruin my vacation so I went to see a doctor. He prescribed hydrocortisone 2.5%-pramoxine hci 1% cream and recomended stool softeners and of corse avoiding spicy food. He said to report back to him and if it didnt work we would consider surgery. The cream seamed to help alot but even a soft stool was still quite painfull. After a day in a much warmer climate I got constipated and was bleeding and in alot of pain after having a bowl movement. I decided when I got back I would have surgery as the fissures were ruining my quality of life, not to mention my vacation. A friend took me to a herbalife store where the gave me a aloe drink and a fiber shake and convinced me to buy a bottle of aloe concentrate. I have been drinking the aloe for a little over a week now and have pain free bowl movements for the first time in months. The aloe acts as a sool softener and seems to lubricate the stool. If you become constipated you can drink a higher concentrate of the aloe as a laxative. It is too early to tell if I am cured but I am shocked at how drinking aloe concentrate has helped. I saw aloe at the drugstore months ago, I wish I had tried it then. I hope this helps. If anyone else has tried it I'd love to hear how it worked for them.   







I also have been dealing with an anal fissure for quite some time, close to two years.  In the last couple of weeks its gotten progressively worse.  I've been taking Miralax daily as long as I've had the fissure.  My stool is always soft and "pencil thin" but the fissure will not heal.  I've done a lot of research and understand why it's not healing.  Chronic fissures are cyclical in nature.  The fissure causes the sphincter to spasm which restricts blood flow to the fissure.  Without sufficient blood flow the body is unable to heal the fissure.  I am going to see a colorectal surgeon asap.  I understand they will typically prescribe a topical ointment e.g. glycerol trinitrate first.  The next step is a botox injection into the sphincter.  And finally if chemical treatments fail a surgeon is likely to recommend a sphincterotomy.  I am scared to death of having my sphincter cut even though the risks are said to be relatively small.  It's not a part my body I want to put at risk.  I will try everything before I get surgery including prayer.  I wish I could go back in time to when I initially got the fissure.  I would do things so differently knowing what I know now.  This is an affliction that takes over your life and can make anyone miserable.  



Get a second opinion. Some fissures can be healed by changing your diet to high fiber, refraining from sex (anal), not straining when you move your bowels, and ointment with steroids you use for up to six weeks. See a Recto-Anal specialist. With the botox you may receive a sedative while the procedure is going on. You may call the office and ask that question.


hello every one ...i very hard and very painful to stay with fissure.bit trust me botox injection is a little bit costlier but works very good u will feel the reducing of the pain in 2 days after a week totally hon trust botox injection is e best choice for fissures than surgery