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I was on 120mg. of methadone when I had my son and he had to stay in the hospital for six weeks while they gave him morphine to ween him off. He is very hyper and he has these temper tantrums, hes very distructive with his toys, he throws stuff out of the window while where in the car and he still in diapers,he also has speech delay. He knows how to go on the potty but chooses not to. When I mention the potty he ignores me. I am so stressed out all the time. I was told there would'nt be long term damage and I believe there wrong. I feel guilty for what I have put him through. I have gone into a deep depression ever since he started acting out which was around 2. He also takes shirts out of his drawer and throws them on the ground repeditively. I was gonna take him to a doctor to see if he has autism and I don't know if its from the methadone, but I'm going to take him in for Autism evaluation. Could anyone give me any advice how to make this all easier for him and me PLEASE!


hi there

Some of what you just mentioned is normal for toddlers, while not being potty trained is a cause of concern. IMHO you should consult a behavioral psychologist. Autistic kids have a unique way of arranging things, not normally observed in other kids. AFAIK he maybe  a  borderline Autistic or maybe an Aspergers. Good luck