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My son turned two in june, he seems impossible to potty train he potties in his pants and thinks it is funny. i punish him, i get serious talk with him, i made him go to bed early because of it.

Am i being to hard on him, should i give him more time? what should i do?


OK STOP Punishing the boy for making a mistake or he will learn that he will get into trouble every time he makes a mistake .. you could be trying to hard to potty train ... does your son know he need to go to wee's or poo's for instance hold him self b4 he goes to wees ..... i am potty training at the minute with my 3 year old son who has become ready by saying he need to go wees but we hav not go the poo sorted which is ok cause i know he know he is going it is just to late b4 he gets to there.. and goes in his little undies ....we went out an brought a car shaped potty cause he wouldn't use the potty i had here or use the toilet .... and with doing that he pees in the potty when he needs to go

When he does have an accident tell him it is ok to have an accident but next time you need to go to the potty or the toilet which ever he prefers.. now here is some paper towels now go and clean up (he will try and tell him thank you dont stress to much about it if he rubs it in and then tell him to wash his hands ) ... also start a sticker chart with a reward for keeping his under ware dry or going to the potty start with this week every day you keep dry and use the potty you get a sticker and by say Friday (today being Wednesday) you will get a teat and every week extend the treat day fro 3 days to 6 days and if he has a accident then tell his again it is ok ..just remember a 2 years old forgets just like we tend to forget things

So take things slowly he will become dry in his own time and just remember he is only 2 and you have a few more year b4 he goes to school so just take your time with him , my 3 year old is my youngest son i have 2 older children and i also have 1 on the way and this is how i have got all of my children potty trained