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my last period occured on December 25th 2009 (nice christmas present huh?) ... my periods are usually farther apart than "normal" (probably around 35-40 some odd days) odd thing is, i ended up w/ two periods in December, one began either last day or two of November then the one on Christmas. It is now 46 days later and I've taken several pregnancy tests but all have come out negative. My boyfriend and I would really love a baby and we had unprotected sex since November... I feel a little nasueous sometimes and feel really hungry and tired alot of the time but i'm afraid it might be because i WANT to be pregnant and my brain is pshyching me out... Could I still be pregnant after the negative at home tests?


Try buying an expensive test..
my tests ALL came up negative... and a month later I used a really nice electronic one (still hoping it would say negative) and it said pregnant..

the digital ones are way more accurate!!

...or you are malnourished from not eating because u have been nauseous and stressed so you are not getting your period...