I didn't have a period in November. I started bleeding/spotting around December 10, 2008. I stopped around December 27, 2008. Some days were actually bleeding (light as always for me) and others were dark brown spotting. I don't have normal periods. They're usually always light and last about 3 or 4 days. Sometimes they come around the same time of the month, sometimes there's longer periods of time in between them.

I took two pregnancy tests around January 3, 2009. Both were negative. I didn't have a period in January. I took three pregnancy tests February 9, 2009 and all three were positive. When did I ovulate? When did I get pregnant with a menstural schedule like mine?

Could it have been before the bleeding or is that unlikely? Could the bleeding have been a period and implatation bleeding? How long and heavy is implatation bleeding, and will you always have that? Was it too early for the January tests to pick up on or was I not pregnant yet?

I have underlying issues with this and I really need some professional advice/answers. PLEASE. When did I conceive my child? How far along am I? HELP!?! It's very important!!!!