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I am 51 Ive been going through  peri menopause for about 3 years , I think ive tryed everything including prayer bible reading etc..... Im now this month haveing the longest period ever , it started out to be a regular period then it seemed to be almost over then a heavy flow then light then a heavy flow then now a month and this last week is a light dark bit of period , I want it to end , Im so tired of peri menopause


There is not much you can do exept....wait. I feel for you because i started my decent into meonpause when i was 47 years old. One day you will not see your period at all, as i have not had one for almost 8 years now. Every now and again i will see a little spotting, but it's nothing to get upset over. A panty liner usually is all i need for a day or two. If you suffer from hot flashes and mood swings, there are a few things that you can take over the counter that will help a little. Premarin is one that comes to mind. You also may want to see your doctor. He will do some bloodwork to see just how much your hormone level has depleted. He may also be able to offer you medication that will make your transition easier to handle.

I still suffer from hot flashes, tho not as profuse as they used to be. I would literally stick my head in the freezer at lie. I still get moody as well, but i don't have the "killer" instinct like i had before. No, i didn't kill anyone but i can name a few who came close to meeting their makers!!!! Check on line for some herbal remedies, tho they don't appeal to me, they may to you, we are all different.

Good luck and i hope you hurry up and get thru this madness. Embrace it tho as it is our right of passage. We have served our time and now this is our reward. No more periods and no fear of pregnancy.