I keep getting yeast infections like crazy. I have very sensitive skin so I thought maybe it was the type of condoms I was using but then I remembered when I 1st started getting them. Okay so in June of 2012,I was 22, my ex and I had sex(lost my virginity) and the condom broke without me knowing. A couple of days later I started feeling irritated and itchy down there so i googled and everything was coming back as "yeast infection" related. The morning of my dr appointment the irritation was horrible. I looked in the mirror and noticed something clear and abnormal. I thought it was maybe all the yeast build up but noooooo, it was the tip on the condom inside of me! (I'm disgusted thinking about it) I freaked out!!!! #1... Wtf??? How did this happen? #2... I pretty much had unprotected sex... Std std std..... #3 why didn't he stop, or tell me the condom broke? I was terrified. So I get to the dr and told him everything and I wanted to get tested but he told me that I would have to wait 4-6 weeks but he told me that I did have a yeast infection. I took the meds and everything was fine, so I thought. I was still getting discharge 2 weeks after I took the yeast infection pills. So I was like I MUST have a std. My ex penis was uncircumcised + and smelled like fish/spoil milk. This was the same smell I was noticing when I was discharging. I looked it up and it said bv. 6 months later I went to the dr and got tested for EVERYTHING! Std free but I did have really bad bv since I waited so long. So I'm wondering if having bv for that long messed up my ph balanced to the point where I get yeast infections over the smallest things( soap, condoms, sweat)