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Hey. I have some questions. Someone please answer the best you can. I'll tell you my story first. About 6 weeks ago (9th day of my last cycle) me and my boyfriend had sex. When we got done he took off the condom, but he took it off wrong and cum got all over his hands and stuff (none got on me). Soo we went to the bathroom and washed our hands and stuff. He wanted to finger me again for some reason so i said okay. Well... I almost sat on the condom and cum so he was like "Hey dont sit on that" so i didnt. Then he moved the condom and the blanket it was on off the bed. Now im worried that when he moved the condom he got some cum on his finger :'( i know that he wiped his hands off on the covers and put them in his mouth first before hand. About 1 weeks later my boobs started hurting and then they to hurt till i started my period (1314 dpo ) my cycles are 28-31 days long. But im worried that it wasnt my period. Because usually my periods are a little more heavy than that. The first day i bleed through like 1 1/2 to 2 tampons. The second day i bleed through like 1 12. The 3rd i bleed throw one. 4th day was just spotting. I had cramps the 1st and 2nd day. And my boobs stopped hurting at like the 3rd day. I didnt have any other symptoms all month this next month. But last thursday my boobs started hurting again. My period his due this friday. I also took 3 pregnancy test at 13, 16, and 26dpo. They was all negative except the one on 26dpo had a evap line after about a week. Sooo here are my questions.... 1.) What would my chances of pregnancy be? 2.) Can implantation bleeding be that heavy? 3.) If i was pregnant could my boobs stop hurting for a straight 3 weeks then start up again? 4.) would 26dpo be long enough for at least a faint positive? 5.) at 8 weeks what kind of symptoms do you have? 6.) If there was no color to the line and it looked like thats were a positive would be if there was one was it an evap line or faint positive? Any other comments would be great also.


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 No you are not pregnant , far out!