Okay, so I have had a very strange past few days.
I'm not TTC. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 1/2 years. I take Lybrel, but I missed a few pills by accident, and we waited a few days for any hanky panky, just in case.

However, about 2 weeks ago, my boobs got a little larger. The 'cup' part is enlarged, my body temp has been resting between 99.1-99.4 (it's usually at 98.6) My breasts are SO tender. I went to my OB and she did a breast exam. She was amazed by how heavy and hard they are. I have fibrocystic breast disease, but I have never had any pain. I went for a bilateral breast US (I just had one 6 mos ago) and there were NO changes.

So, I took a HPT. It looked negative, but about 3 mins later, a little blue line appeared. I took another test 30 mins later, and it was negative. This AM, I took another one and it was negative. It's important to note that there was no evap line, or anything. It just was positive 2 days ago.

I know miscarriages happen, but my body temp is still high, my breasts are still tender, I've had no bleeding. I got a quant and qual HCG blood test, but no results yet.

I guess my question is, which test should I believe? Because, I would not be far along at all. So, maybe my HCG is too low? Maybe that one test was more sensitive? I don't know. I was wondering if anyone else has had a frusturating experience?

I just FEEL pregnant. I'm not hoping to be. I'll be OK either way. I just have read a positive is a positive, and you should believe it. But, I cannot replicate it.