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Hi, I am 22 years old and I have a severe problem with drinking...sometimes. I can have a half a beer and be throwing up for hours the next day.. It almost never fails. I always get sick, no matter how much I drink. Also, I will randomly black out.. and not from binge drinking. I can have as little as three beers and not remember a thing from the night (although people that see me when I am "blacked out", tell me that they did not even know I had been drinking), and yet other times I can drink massive amounts and not black out. It literally happens completely randomly and it scares me!

Could i be allegeric to alcohol? Or are there any suggestions for preventing my stomach from killing me?



needhelp, are you on any medications or antyhing like that? Do you at befor you drink or anything like that? I can recommend that you stay away from binge drinking regardless, because it sounds like it could be affecting you anyway. You could have an allergy to alcohol, but it sounds more like you may have a liver function issue. Can you see a doctor about it? Maybe it would help you out. Keep us posted.