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Binge drinking is one of the worst things a person can do to himself.

Alcohol has more negative effects than positive effects. It can be fatal for a person if taken in excess for a long time; however, taking a little amount of alcohol occasionally can be useful for the body, especially the brain.

The signs and symptoms you have mentioned point towards gastrointestinal disorders along with cirrhosis of the liver. The diagnosis, however, can only be made after a complete physical examination and lab tests. Possible conditions that cause dripping of blood from the anus include:

Ulcerative colitis: This is an inflammatory disorder of the digestive system which can be caused by several factors including heavy drinking. Some of the accompanying symptoms of ulcerative colitis are mild to moderate abdominal pain, urgency, weight loss, and loss of appetite.

Crohn's disease: Many people around the globe are unaware of the fact that alcohol has a lot to do with Crohn's disease. Crohn's disease is the inflammation of the intestines. The people who are suffering from this disease are advised to reduce alcohol intake. People who consume large amounts of alcohol very often are prone to develop Crohn's disease. The symptoms of this disorder are similar to those of ulcerative colitis.

Liver disease: Alcohol is the worst enemy of the liver. Whenever you drink alcohol, it is your liver that has to work in order to process it. Heavy drinking primarily affects the liver but the liver has the tendency to tolerate heavy amounts of alcohol intake. Excess alcohol begins to damage the liver tissues if taken frequently. Cirrhosis of the liver is the degeneration, thickening, and inflammation of the tissues.

It should be kept in mind that liver diseases are usually chronic and do not show up immediately.

Liver damage typically causes indigestion and also affects the digestive tract. A person with liver disease is more likely to develop gastrointestinal disorders.

It is recommended that you visit your doctor as soon as possible. Blood in stools after drinking or blood in the toilet bowl can be an indication that you have a disorder that may lead to death. You'll have to get the following tests for the confirmation of the diagnosis:

- Complete blood count (CBC)
- Liver Function Tests (LFTs)
- Ultrasound
- Gastroscopy
- Coagulation profile

After you go through all the examination and tests, your doctor will make the final diagnosis and treat you accordingly. But before that, it is recommended that you immediately quit usng alcohol and eating food that is not easy on your digestive system.

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