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Hey all,

So I just need some support from someone aside from my peers, seeing as how my peers are all binge drinkers as well. I wouldn't necessarily call myself an alcoholic because I often choose to go out and turn down alcohol without a problem. My problem however is that when I do drink, I drink to excess.. Most of the time I am in complete control, but what worries me is that I am constantly wrecking my body. I love college and I realize that this is supposed to be a great time of life, I just can't wait to be in a different atmosphere where I am not surrounded by people who drink so much. Has anyone gone through this and come out the other side? Also, how can I change to promote the health of my body without sacrificing my social life? Thanks for the support


Hi Drunky,

Not all alcoholics are stumbling around drunk all day.  You do have a drinking problem, you drink to excess, you are an alcoholic.

You are fortunate that you can control it by not starting drinking.

To promote the health of your body, find a different atmosphere.  You don't need to drink to have fun.  Lots of great things in life occur without the use of any drugs.  Don't fall victim to what advertising shows.  You can sit and watch a football game with a glass of water or lemonade and have as much fun, if not more, than watching it drunk.

If your friends don't support you not drinking then they are not your friends.  

Another common misconception, college is about spreading your wings and learning, not party all the time.  

You realize you have a problem.  You asked for help.  You know what you need to do to "solve" it.  Now act on it.

Good luck.