Lisa Norris, 16, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October last year died a year after the doctors had informed her and her family that she had had received 17 overdoses of radiation during treatment.
When she was diagnosed with cancer she was admitted to the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow, the largest cancer hospital in Scotland that has administered more than 29,000 radiation treatments in the past 20 years.

The girl and her family were informed that the tumor disappeared after the treatment. Soon after they were informed about the mistake it was made regarding her therapy. With each of her radiation therapies she received 65% more radiation than she was supposed to.

This human mistake could have resulted in paralyses or brain damage and even prove fatal in recent future, which is exactly what happened.
After the radiation treatment, Lisa underwent extensive oxygen treatment to try to combat the mistake but the treatment didn’t help much as her body turned red, broke out in weeping sores and affected her internal organs soon after.

The girl died two weeks after she underwent surgery to remove fluid from her brain. She was back on her feet a week after the surgery but unfortunately the cancer spread and took her life.

It is not known yet if her tumour returned and spread to the spine and started taking hold of other parts of her body because of the radiation overdose or because the cancer was too invasive.

A post-mortem examination will determine the cause.