A nine year-old Ashley from Seattle stopped developing mentally at the age of three months but continued to grow physically into a young girl. She suffers from a severe brain damage called static encephalopathy that does not improve.

Her parents, who wished to stay anonymous, decided that a girl should undergo a treatment in which the girl would be kept child-sized for the rest of her life.

Ashley is expected to have a normal life span but she can’t walk, talk, eat, move or keep her head up. Her parents need to move her and are already near the limits of their strength to lift their daughter who weighs 65 pounds for the time being.

Ashley goes to school for special needs children, is aware of the environment, enjoys the music but hasn’t shown any progress in her mental ability since she was three months old.

The parents are not even sure if the girl recognizes them.
These are some of the reasons why her parents decided to use hormones to limit her growth, why she underwent hysterectomy to remove her uterus and another surgery to block her breast growth. They also removed her appendix in case she develops appendicitis and could not react to the pain. They are trying to make the girl’s life as easier as possible, so that they could move her more easily, expose her to activities like swinging, walking, spending time in the sitting room or backyards so she wouldn’t have to be bed-ridden all the time, suffer from bed sores and infections and watch the telly all day long.

However, many experts as well as layman fail to see the reasons of the parents’ choice and publicly condemn their decision. The case became public when the girl’s doctors published the case in a U.S. medical journal last year and provoked a large debate on the ethics regarding the child’s treatment.

Because the case stirred a lot emotions and thoughts, the parents decided to go public and explain their choice using a blog.

However, that did not make people open their minds but continue to judge the doctors and the parents by calling their decisions "despicable" and "Frankenstein-esque." Even some doctors called the treatment ill-advised.

Ashley’s parents still believe that the medicine is all about interfering with nature and making the life easier and more comfortable just like taking antibiotics to treat infections or operate to stop the cancer from spreading.

It is certainly very easy for those “judges” to sit aside and judge and not for one moment put themselves in the same situation and think again. Shame on them.