Ok I had a chemical pregnancy miscarriage that ended feb 14th 2011. my levels were to a 0 on the 14th also. I was told I would get back to normal so quickly! well I began to test for O with those sticks and got a negative for 3 days, and finally 3 days of positives!! one egual to the line, the next ( MARCH 10TH!) was a dark positive. I was shocked.so we began to BD everyday. well I figured that was it since the surge went back down on the 11th.
Then on the 16th of march I began to spot brown and pink. I assumed it was implantation bleeding, the next day it was a bit heavier but still not reaching the pad. only it was red blood, thus fresh blood. And then today its a full blown period. which I am ok with, but I am confused as to why I got positive OPK's and then began my period only a week after I supposdly O'd. Any ideas?? I know my body is screwed up by the miscarriage..but I just want to move on..