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Hi! I'm new here and have a question about ovulation. I had a positive ovulation test on Wed the 10th and am now (on Sun the 14th) having cramps that I'm assuming are O cramps. Is it possible to get pregnant today if we have sex, or is it probably too late? And is it odd that I had the pos O test on Wed and am only beginning to have O cramps today? Could I possibly be ovulating right now? Thanks!


Hi, I am also new here!

From what I gather there could be 2 explainations: ... a positive OPK on the 10th means that you would actually ovulate in the next 12 to 36hrs...did you have did you and partner BD around then? because the cramps you felt on Sunday maybe the start of Implantation, however this would be a couple of days early. (But everyone is different and it never happens the same).

Or ... did you test ovulation before and after the 10th as well? you may have started the surge on the 10th and remained positive 11/12th and then it would be possible to ovulate on the 14th.

eg.....I tested POS OPK on 12th, 13th and then VERY on the 14th. So I'm glad I didn't stop testing on the 12th.

Keep us updated and let us know how you get on. Sending Loads of Good Luck Wishes xx :-D