I know this isn't a poetry forum, but it would be nice if you guys would tell me what you thought...

~Visions of a Dilute~

I've got LIME diseaaseeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

A citrus splash of dizzy fizzles my face
and covers it with bursting bubbles
of deliciousness and tangy taste
I smack my lips with tart sour tips of
my tongue as my tastebuds
erotic in e.cstasy smile on and on and on
til sugarplum Noon and I wonder
how the gum-drops manage to fall from the sky
onto gingerbread slices without making a noise
except a glump
and how Hansel & Gretel
can skip down a rainbow of Skittles and not fall off
as they sha-lump through Candyland
while climbing down Chutes & Ladders

and i wonder how a little vodka can do you
in a Triple Sec ond how Amarena cherry
can lick through a bar while placing a tip
for a honeydew melon Midori in a Key Lime Martini
how a smile can land you a Pina Colada
of tropical slices
and how a lemon turns green
which have my lips that
I love curl up into a twinge
of joy and a glimpse of
dew-drops drowning in pink pie
and Hansel
and Gretel
through a Candy-cane white...

"That anaesthetic really kicked in quick..."

"Operation will commence in 3.........2..................1.................... ......."