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I think my daughter is buying aderal from another high school student to be used as a "tool" to help her stay focused in school.

She has mentioned the ease in buying the drug, but I have always stressed that it wasn't a healthy and wise thing to do. I thought she understood, but apparently not since I am suspecting her buying itnow. How do I approach the subject??

I would like to intellegently explain the side effects and dangers of using a non prescribed drug. What are they??

Thank you!!


Hello there! You need to explain to your daughter that Adderal contains amphetamine, which is a illegal substance and lets say both dangerous and habit forming.
Indeed, it helps in focusing and maintaining concentration and impacts memory but I think these are only the effects people experience at the beginning. After a while, they start requiring more and more of the drug to get the same effects.
Adderal affects neurotransmitters in the brain and the drug shouldn’t be used if there is no chemical imbalance in the brain. I read that adderal could lead to paranoia, even delusions and stroke.

Have you noticed any changes in your daughter’s behavior or academicals achievement or doing things with ease?

I have experience with speed (methamphetamine). I used to take it recreationally at parties just so that I could feel great and dance all night long. When I started using it, I had no idea what speed actually was and how it worked. Every time after the amphetamine intake I would suffer from depression and mood changes, and my appetite would disappear. The problem with speed is that one never knows what exactly it is made of, so I must say that aderall users are in a bit better situation but not less dangerous.
Anyway, after lets say a year of recreational use I started experiencing breathing problems and choking the following morning. It would last for about ten minutes and I would have to suffer to get some air. Then I realized-no more.

My father also talked to me about drugs and he had a very good approach, he gave me stuff to read but I never paid much attention, so I guess that there is little you can do.
Maybe she needs to realize that for herself. You can make sure she gets all the info about how these drugs work and the way they make you more focused-by changing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain-and that’s no so good. After all-depression is also a disorder of low levels of certain neurotransmitters.


hello, I to am a highschool student who uses adderall with out a script and i would like to offer you my oppinions as such and also as a person who knows a few things about drugs and alternatives....

now firstly id like to say you should talk to her about the side effects/proper dosage(im usualy good with 40mg and im 115lbs. sorry if you live in a metric country you'll have to convert it yourself) you should bring this up by saying that you read online(here) about kids doing it(dont tell her the site for obvious reasons(she'll come and see what you wrote) dont accuse her and dont say any thing like "i know you take adderall" and most importantly dont invade her privacy(Im a guy and i get pissed when my mom invades mine and girls can be even more sensitive) and also remember if the F.D.A. can aprove it for daily use to treat A.D.D./A.D.H.D then it must be relatively safe(though i still would doubt that cause the F.D.A is crazy when it comes to sertain things. and above all remember as a parent it is your job to advise, educate and provide for your child this does not include living there life for them(so if once she have been told about the side effects/proper dossage if she still continues to use it i think that you should accept that as her choice. Now there are acceptions, the main acception being legal responsibility. If you have tangible evidence such as actual pills then you are responsible so you must take them away and dispose of them but if all you have to go on is a suspicion then you arent in any legal truble if she gets cought. The second acception is a moral one rather than a legal one but if you have reason to beleive she is taking a dose that could be physicaly/mental harmfull or fatal then obviously not wanting anything to happen to your child you should seak help(likely in the form of rehab) but the first step should always be talking(calmly never let yourself become aggressive its damaging to the fragile emotions of a hormonal teen and it can also cause her to rebel more)

now without the bias that being a teenage adderall "user" id like to tell you that a good alternative in treating A.D.D. is scullcap(now i have never tryed it so i dont know if it would work the same way as adderall for some one who doesnt have A.D.D.) and for your sake... once she has been informed on safe dossage and use only ask her if she does it once(if she says no and realy does you have no responsiblility if she gets cought(well maybe some but it will be significantly less) and dont search her room for the same reasons.Also make sure that shes not doing it because of peer presure(again talk hypotheticaly so its clear your not accusing her) If you beleive shes doing it because of peer pressure make sure she doesnt elevate to more dangerous drugs(coke, crack, meth, heroin, opium) the following things may not be societaly accepted but marijuana lsd and psilycobe(magic) mushrooms should be safe when limited to small amounts occasionaly(any of the drugs wether listed as safe or unsafe should not be a problem if shes simply trying to get better grades on tests or what ever(because none of these help with that)) may I also recomend eating breakfast(though i dont personaly) and geting 8-10 hours of sleep(again i dont do this myself) and lastly if she is buying it from a freind it might be possible for you to overhear here buying some(unintentionaly of coarse cause you wouldnt want to be snooping it will break her trust) it is common for adderall to be refered to as addy when it is being sold in an invironment like a school

I hope this has been of some help and keep in mind if i didnt have 40mg of adderall in me now i wouldnt have taken the time to wright this

though protected uder freedom of speech and by having no information linking my acual person to this acount, in these oppressive times of wars on humanity and our freedoms and the ever watchfull eye of "big brother"(1984 George orwell) i feal the need to add this-
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I have any official medical training. All things said in the above writings are to be taken stricly as personal opinion and the result of research, all stories or addmitances made by me are to be taken stricly as a work of fiction and for entertainment only


XD That last comment was so funny...Thanks for the laugh. I never go on these "chat" boards...too busy. But I was researching this Adderall info site and stumbled upon all of you and your chatting to each other.
I am a "40 something" mom and recently have tried a few of these at 10mg each. One a day, just in the morning sometime before 10am is best (otherwise I cannot get to sleep at night). I have always felt that I have had a problem focusing on either reading for long periods of time, or completing tasks that need to be done in a timely matter. Not sure if just trying to juggle all of the jobs on the home-front is the issue or just easily distracted is the problem. What ever it is, the Adderall seemed to do the trick. I really did feel like a new person. Accomplished all that I had set out to do for the day and felt good about it. I feel more wired on a grande mocha from Starbucks than a 10mg dose of Adderall. So there is something more to it than caffine. However, everyone is different and does need to find the right answer for them.
As for the "kid" on this chat board who is trying to tell the mom to just let her daughter go ahead and use her friends medication...what do you expect him to say...he's a kid. Most any high school student would love it if no one were
telling them "no." But with that comes also, No LOVE. A parent tells their kids "no" out of love. Not out of spite. Of course this knowledge only comes with age, experience, and eventually their own child that they will be responsible for and will want to protect and love as well. Enough said.
Talk to your doctor, not a child on a chat board.


First off chris34, it's "lightswitch" not "lightswithch," dumbass.
I'm a 17 year old girl, diagnosed with ADHD and have a legal prescription for Adderall. My first point is all you cynics, the advice given from 40mgisgoodforme is the best given so far. This is because he's a teenager, and his proposed methods for confronting a teen illegally aquiring stimulants are good. I'm a teenager girl, and I can tell you that if a parent comes up to you accusing you of something, it's the formula for disaster. Telling you kids the truth about stimulants, not exaggerating stats and getting angry straight off, is the best start. Side effects that I know of and have seen happen to friends: anorexia (extremely common side effect, strangely), mood swings, paranoia, stomach aches, dehydration, lack of sleep, increased blood pressure, self-alienation, and of course, dependency. The withdrawls are easy to predict: inability to stay awake after long periods of sleep, anger, hunger, anxiety, hunger, inability to stay attentive (that cures itself in time, though the user probably would try and use this to convince others that they indeed have ADHD and really need adderall - don't fall for this, don't let them fall for it either)

I'm aware of the controversy and adverse effects of my medication. I don't like to take it when I don't have to and I only take it in my prescribed doses: 20 mg before school, 20 mg after lunch, 10 mg in the evening. I'm 5'10'' and weigh 150 lb. I take my weekends without it and school breaks too. I never sell or give it to my friends because I've seen what can happen to "kiddy cocaine" junkies who take things too far.

If you feel it necessary, you could take you daughter to get tested for ADHD. But I don't recommend this. Most kids I know that buy adderall at school really don't have ADHD, or end up convincing themselves they do. You see, continual usage of stimulants makes the user feel like they can't do things like homework or tests without it. You have to remind your daughter that she can. Some kids that I know who live with extreme ADHD refuse to take medication, it is possible.

It may be hard to get your daughter to understand that you care and that's why you want her to stop. But it is important that you respect her, otherwise she will not respect you. (Personal experience in that area, believe me.)


I am a student attending university. I find that aderol is extremely helpful studying. I have trouble concentrating on school work and it keeps me focused, allowing me to finish quickly and efficiently. However I also have trouble sleeping and I find my immune system to be very weak lately. It is like speed and I know many people that abuse cocaine all weekend and then take take adderol on sunday-thursday getting their work done. So theyre good students, but complete messes. Uppers make you feel good and then make you feel ten times more depressed than you were before. So all these kids are extremely depressed and completely different people than they would be if they weren't on the drug. I dont know what the long term effects will be, but I am interested to see what happens to them in 5 years. I used to abuse cocaine in highschool and it was such a low point in my life and I will never again do that. I am older and mature and will take adderol without abusing it. 5 mgs is enough for me to get my work done. However, one does build a tolerance so you feel like you have to take more and I find myself taking more so I can concentrate, but then I dont sleep the whole night. To the first question, kid's are going to do what they are going to do. All you can do is tell her the truth and explain the dangers of methamphetamines. Be serious about it and let her know you are concerned. If she decides to continue doing it, she definately wont be abusing it as much now and there is a good chance she wont continue using it. If you catch her with pills or in a conversation about doing it, all you can do is voice your concern and express your love for her. I used to abuse drugs and I still take them casually. I smoke pot everyday and it relaxes me and makes me content, but Id be more productive if I didnt. The fact is drugs are bad for you and everyone knows that. However, in moderation, they can be ecstacy. So let your daughter know that it is bad and will hurt her, but ultimately its her decision if the concequences are worth the benefits.


Ok, I cannot stand this blog forum. This is terrible when it comes to being user friendly so hopefully this will get to the right user. If you love your daughter and you think she is testing uppers, do yourself and your daughter a huge favor. Find a nearby private school and do 'whatever' you have to do to get her into it. I have had first hand experience with Meth, Ice, Aderol, Speed and let me tell you, its all the same. They are all too addictive and I am not the addictive type. I own my own business and I make $17k/month. i say this because i want you to understand that I am a VERY disciplined person and I got myself off of the drug and i nearly died 5 times trying to do it. It was by God's grace that I was able to get off of that stuff and not die or get a record. Your daughter does not need to get that urge at her young age. Don't risk it, get her into a private school. Tell her its for the education, tell her its for making the right connections, whatever. Just do it. Seriously, and continue to do your homework on the substance and keep her informed. 'let her watch brain chemistry videos that you find online about what meth and aderol truly do to the brain. Please take this seriously, you will never forgive yourself if she becomes an addict and you ignored this post. Let me tell you, i do not waste my time typing on the internet, my time is worth way too much to do that. I am telling you this because you do not realize how close the gateway drug of aderol is to the street drug. And the truth is she could die off of aderol so the street drug isn't even necessary. God Bless