I recently started a new medication due to my chronic Ideopathic constipation. Since a couple months BEFORE I went to see my GI dr, I'd had already started with bloating and distention. My Dr put me on "Linzess" twice daily. So.....this pill you take 30 min before breakfast. I was doing that, but found I was in the bathroom ALL.DAY.LONG!!!! Well, I called the dr's office and they gave her my message. I see her today. Meanwhile, me and the hubby looked up the information we had on this condition. The very first one that listed on there was adhesions caused from too many surgeries!! In my 18-20 young years, I had endometriosis. They had to go in through a scope, blow my belly up, take care of all the nodules stuck to major organs. It causes infertility so once that had cleared it out, within 2 months I was pregnant. After that, I had 10 abdominal surgeries: 2 endoscopic for adhesion, 2 c-sections, hysterectomy (endometriosis returned) so another surgery to remove my only ovary. Then I had 2 bladder surgeries, the first was just a tacking. Within that week, it had popped when I bent over!! So the 2nd surgery for the bladder was a full suspension with mesh sling. The next time was for adhesions that attaches to any organ. It was causing a lot of pain! And finally from ALL that surgery I had to see a plastic surgeon to correct the mess of my belly! What my (now new dr. A GI dr.) she said I had 2 different problems. 1. Gastroparesis is when your stomach doesn't break down the food nor does it contract to push it along. 2. She did an X-Ray with little markers. They come in a ginormous capsule and stick to problem areas. In my case, blockages. That's been 2 months ago. I've gained wait but it's all under my breasts and belly button. I look like I'm 3-4 month pregnant!! Today I will demand either a CT or MRI. Or x-Ray at least. I can only imagine an adhesion wrapping around my intestines or organs!! That would most definitely cause blockages. Seeing that when I DO go, it is all like water. Besides, after all that elimination, I feel sick and nauseous. I get hungry, cook, then sit at the table and I get very light headed and nauseous. Do any of you experience any of these symptoms?? Jo in NC