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I have had endo since 2001. Several Laps and a few other surgeries. I lost my job to being out so much due to the constant pain. I have tons of adhesions due to other surgeries. I had Hodkins as a child, with a Spleenectomy (1990's) which turned out to be a giant ball of adhesions in my last surgery. On top of that all my organs had adhered together.

I may or may not be having a hysterectomy. I am scheduled for one but I am terrified.

Anyone have any medical advice on Hyster. @ a young age? I also read the life expectancy is 54.4 after the procedure. Is that correct?

Mom of one


My name is Veronica and I am 28 years old and had endometriosis for years...I have 2 beautiful children and was told yesterday that I need a hysterectomy. I too am very scared
The life expectancy is a myth, My great grandmother had one and lived to be 92 years old
Good luck to you and God Bless Hon! Just rest assured that everything will be alright and you will live to be a ripe old age :-)