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I had my gallbladder removed about two years ago. Since then I have had extreme pain in the upper right side new my rib cage. If you press on it it makes it worse. It can start in the middle of my stomach above my belly button, but it usually is on the right upper side and sometimes goes to the back. It is usually always there but comes and goes. The past month it has been so bad that I have almost fainted from the pain. In addition to the pain I am very nauseous and have thrown up and my bowl movements are not regular even with medication. I am seeing a specialist in Boston but have had numerous xrays, Ct scans, endoscopic and tests and nothing really has been found. They have found have an extreme case of GERD. Nothing to explain the pain? My thought is when the surgeon took the gallbladder out he said it should have been taken out way sooner than it was. There was a lot of scarring. Could there be scarring still in that area? Would they not be able to see scarring in the tests? Is there something else that could be causing the pain that they are missing? I really need to work but the pain is so much that it is hard too! I am a very active person and this is not like me. I just want to get my life back. I have lost weight due too this. When I eat I feel full very fast. I have to force myself to eat because I have not appetite. My doctor told me I just have chronic pain I need to continue living my life and live through these episodes. It's easier said than done. There just seems like a better way. Anyone else in this situation? It just feels like there is something in there. Sometime it feels like it moves or it's rubbing or burning. Food feel like it irritates it. If anyone has anything to add let me know! thanks


I have had issues for 4 years, 2 year into it I had the laproscopic Gall Bladder removal. I also have thoracic region back pain. I vomit fecal matter from time to time with diahrrea until all goes yellow at both ends. I have learned much... 1) I also have issues with heart regularity at times. My Blood Pressure acts stupid sometimes and I ofter get dizzy when I stand. The diagnosis of early satiety is full very fast, should lead to gastric empting study. I asked for an upper GI first but after 2 days no eating I still had food in my stomach so they could only go so far. Sounds like you have Gastroparesis. Go get yourself some digestive enzymes from a health food store with Ox bile and pancreas enzymes major 3 at least Lipase, Protease, Amylase. Research what vitamins are fat soluble and take them with Avocados and nuts and other fats. Once you get going on the enzymes you can do animal fats again and might crave it but keep in mind 50% fresh raw foods is a must now. Why? I don't know except these foods have there own digestive enzymes and are easy on your Pancreas and liver. The liver bile don't work without lipase.

My GI after I told him I had to wipe like 20 times to get clean did a fat fecal study and found way more fat in my stool than should have been. He then prescribed the PIG enzymes but I can tell you the raw food method beats out the 6 pills a day. I use these pills all the time but not after every meal because I learned how to eat right. Your body won't tolerate an American diet now! Lose the processed flour, sugars and all that junk stuff fast. They will literally make your pancreas shut down completely and back up these enzymes into you liver cause steatosis of fatty liver disease. Think, raw, fresh, organic. LEMONS, PINEAPPLES and even Grapefruit if not contrary to meds. Your Dr. son't have what you have, I do. Also if pooping becomes an issue for ya, drink half a pot of coffee then go do some physical work like raking or digging or anything like that. Man, if you can make it to the pot once it does kick in you'll be lucky. Seriously it will get worse before better but my advice worked for me. :