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I love tea that contains acai berry, especially because I have heard that it speeds up the metabolism and makes you lose weight, which is something that I would be absolutely grateful for right now! I have six pounds to lose and if the acai berry could help me with that, great! I have not noticed any side effects, but some people say that acai berry can be dangerous too. Does anyone know more about this? Is there any reason to discontinue drinking acai berry tea?


Yes Acai berry is very good for your health and vitality .
As UHN news & health reporter states;
"Acai Berry may well be the most nutritious and healthpromoting food on the planet. From all reports, this berry is here to stay, and is actively cementing a firm position within the health and wellbeing industry."

She further says "Acai Berry is a food that virtually everyone can benefit by taking - I know what I will be buying later..."
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