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Has anyone tried it and lost weight? So far I see it advertised all over the internet, starting to annoy me click on a link and it’s always about Acai Berry but would order some anyway and take a chance if I knew that it actually helped take off weight, so much garbage out there hard to know what to do plus none of it is cheap, that’s for sure.

I like that it says it’s a cleanse and detoxes you but if it’s bogus it’ll have bad stuff in it and I want to do this healthy for once, or else I could just starve for a while.

I read something about another cleanse for weight loss, sounded interesting, called Nulean, anyone try that?

Doesn’t think much of Acai, please share if you know about it.


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I tried Acai Berry for one month. It did not help me to lose a pound!
I have many health issues, one being muscle weakness and fatigue. I did find that the Acai Berry helped with that.
Anyone else have any luck with this?