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I've started the Acai berry diet 3 weeks ago. My goal is to lose at least 30 lbs. So far, I lost only five lbs. I decided to go with this diet because I heard that the effects are swift and smooth. I'm taking Acai berry pills and Acai berry juice, both.I'm fully aware about antioxidants and weight loss connection and that was another reason why I have chosen Acai berry diet.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some period of time I must wait before I can see the results? Or is it my metabolism?


Hello Claudia

To the best of my knowledge, Acai berry diet does not work in every case. Each person has a different blood chemistry, some benefit fast and more, while some do not see any benefits at all. Stick to tolerable exercise regime - its the best route to stay healthy and trim. Love and light



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Hello, Claudia.

Acai berry diet is one of the most controversial diet. While some people praise its effects, others are saying it is only a scam.

If we assume that the Acai berry diet really works, I can say that you are too optimistic about its outcome. I'm skeptical that this diet can help you to lose 30 lbs.

Of course, you can consult your dietician to see if you are doing something wrong. But, you must keep in mind that diet only will not bring you results. You must exercise, at least try to walk 3-4 miles every day. If you have time and will, start jogging or home workouts. 

Good luck in your weight loss journey.